Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Day (Letter For My Cowgirl)

Three Year Anniversary

What more can I say

That hasn’t already been said

About the privilege of

Loving you?

Three years ago

Our worlds came together -

Gliding, not colliding -

Planets slipping into orbit.

Yes, that gentle

That comfortable

That natural.

Each day watching you

Is like catching glimpses of myself

In a fun house mirror.

Some views, humorous in their mimicry of my quirks;

Others views making me winch

As I see my flaws magnified.

Thankfully, more often I find myself

In awe of your true essence

that has been apparent from the beginning.

Your strength, your determination,

Your forward facing attitude,

Giving me hope that you will be able

To move through the rough patches ahead –

The unknowns, the never-to-be-known

Pieces of yourself –

With peace and acceptance.

And always, I am humbled by

The trust, the faith and the love

you so willingly cede to me.

Those moments of grace when you reach your hand out,

without looking,

but never doubting,

you will find my hand waiting.

Arms lifted

Patiently for me

To scoop you up and hold you close,

Savoring the sensation of our two hearts

Face to face

Beating in unison.

Truly, what more can I say?

I am grateful every day for the gift

Of being your mother;

I bow down my head in honor

Of your spirit that inspires me to believe

In the power of Love to transform,

even when we are unaware of the need.

Three years ago

You latched onto me,

And our life began.

You, the key that opened my heart,

when I had not even known

there was a lock.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    You made me cry, and cry, and cry (I had a problem with seeing the words while reading) - but it was a good cry ;) Thanks.

    Beautiful poem, lovely cake, amazing family. This cake looks soo yummy, and you guys look sooo happy :)

    All the best to you! :*

  2. Beautiful words and pictures!

  3. Wow. I'm sitting here on my couch weeping. Many more happy years to all of you!

  4. Congratulations and much love to the three of you!

  5. So very beautiful, both the words and the smiles on your faces. And that cake looks pretty good too!

  6. Beautiful, Lis. So beautiful. The three of you look so happy. Congratulations!

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  8. wow. what a gift for your little cowgirl. she's a lucky lucky girl. you are such a special woman. amazing!!! congrats on your gorgeous family.

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a lucky cowgirl you have :)

  10. holy words, holy love, and holy tears here... honouring your courage to avail yourself of this key - and the gifts it offers and YAY Cowgirl for having such good sense to choose this family