Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Traveling Dream Chair

Vacation has begun ... rough journey, but we are here and we are relaxing and enjoying the time to just be.

Yes, I managed a new poem ... am seeing some favorite themes/words/phrases cropping up again and again ...

My Traveling Dream Chair

Safely Floating,
I rest comfortably upon
cushions stuffed with dried leaves and flowers and downy feathers,
while the smell of lavender and jasmine and cedar and pine
Lulls my senses into reverie.

My dream chair carries me to the shores
of my heart’s unspoken longings.
There I feel the sting of sea spray upon my cheeks
and feel the warmth of
sun light drying the salt upon my skin.

I close my eyes to better hear
the cry of hawks and owls and peacocks,
wolves and elk and elephants
Calling me to venture deeper into the exotic and the wild.

I explore, knowing the safety and security
and comfort of my chair
await me at journey’s end when

I can collapsed back into cushions
Soft as the fuzz of my dog’s furry ruff,
smooth like the skin of my daughter’s cheek.
If I am cold, my chair surrounds me with warm.
If I am warm, it soothes me with the cool of my mother’s hands.

I bury my hands down beneath its cushions
where I find the treasures of previous journeys stored:
Pebbles and shells and the bones of an impossibly small bird;
postcards from times past and treasured found,
Reminders of the Art and Magic that can arise from human hands.

I float in my dream chair and rest.
I know from experience I must wait
Alert, to hear
the voice of my heart’s true self,
the Self that knows
fear and doubt only exist when we believe ourselves
to be too small.
But even the smallest bird
Can travel great distances.

Tenderly, I hold my bird bones, like auguries,
In open hands
And direct
my dream chair
to its next destination.


  1. Thank you for sharing your poems & process- I needed the reminder about why fear&doubt creep in! We are headed to California Wednesday-gonna aim for some travel journal time.Have a blessed vacation time- Angela

  2. What a stunning poem Lis, your use of imagery really allowed me to take part in your dream chair adventure.I particularly enjoyed the many collected treasures that you chair holds. Thank you for being so inspiring :)Thanks also for the seasons exchange link, it is such a gorgeous idea!