Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ocean Dancers

Ecstatically dancing
Along the ocean’s edge
Lowtide but still
Powerful waves crash into unprepared ankles and shins.
Water numbingly cold,
and paradoxically
Igniting the senses with its intensity,
Forcing us to wake up no matter if we want to
Or not.

We stand our ground upon the sandy shore
While wave upon frothy wave smashes into us.
Celebrating the energy of the ocean
By leaping up to great each wave.
Bubbles of laughter escaping our blue tinged lips
As the waves lap higher and higher upon our bodies.

Summer time at its best.

Each year we have made the migration back
To this beach
My mer-child and I.
Giddy with excitement in the days
Leading up to our arrival.
Fingering stones and shells from adventures past
In preparation for our next journey.

Today it is all
Exactly as it should be.
Sea spray upon our faces,
The strong pull of the waves
Trying to tug us back into the sea.
But we stand firm, hand in hand
Knowing that even if we fall,
The other is there to pull us up.

Another waves lashes seaweed and stones at us.
I flinch from the pain
But it is immediately erased
As I look down upon the wild eyed, grinning face
Of my caramel-skinned
Native beauty.

Each wave
Brings us into this moment.
And this moment.
And this.
Each wave
Consecrating our
Tightly clasped hands.
Blessing us with

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  1. Keep the poetry coming. It has a calming effect for me and I love the words you use. Wish I could say I am off to a boat house on the beach, but I'm just headed to Tucson where I might just burn up and turn into ashes. I've never been in such heat. . . wish me luck. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.