Friday, August 14, 2009

My Treasure Chest and TGIF

Is it Friday? Vacation has me turned all around and I even tried to write June on a check the other day. I got to sleep in, so that means it is the end of my work week. Three luxurious days spread before me with already too much on my to-do list, so I flung it aside and we headed off to the zoo.

So I guess I am continuing to Trust myself. Or rather, I am choosing to trust myself/ my intuition in the hopes that if I keep doing so, eventually I will eventually "fake it 'til I make it." Lots of pots bubbling on my stove top and I need to believe I not only can do what I want - that I have the talent, the insight, the skills - but that I have the right to try. So I am trusting myself and my feet for stepping onto the path I seemingly stumbled across (sorry if this all sounds mysterious; details are still being worked out and I don't want to jinx myself!)

I am grateful for the friends in my life who support and encourage me and who put up with my current crazy hyped up state. You know who you are!

I am inspired by Madame Sark who is juicing me beyond juiciness with her writing prompts. Sorry if the poetry is getting old for you; I am just loving this format for exploring ideas. Believe it or not, I am not sharing all of them!

The Treasure Chest

Inside of me
Is a treasure chest.
A storehouse of gifts,
Talents, insights,

yet to be known,

never mind claimed.

This chest has rested

on the bottom of
shark infested waters,

covered in seaweed, shells, broken glass -
The debris of life lived thoughtlessly.

The lock has rusted shut,

and barnacles seal tight
the contents held within.

None-the-less, a voice challenges me
To bring this chest to the surface.
Bloodied fingers and
Broken nails
are assured
in any attempt
to pry
open a resistant lid.

I hesitate -
What if
for all my efforts,

I find only a paltry assortment

of common, worn or dull
rather than gold
rests inside?

What do I secretly hope to uncover?

A lance with which to challenge Doubt to a joust;
An open heart recycled from Sadness;
A camera that photographs only Love;

Poems celebrating friends
who have showered me with Hope and Laughter;
Songs that summon mermaids and cowgirls

to Joyful campfire sing-alongs;
Paints to brush into images
of Magic
for fairy folk and other friends;
Sequinned slippers that move feet

to dance through troubles with Grace and Ease;

A pen to re-write
the story of my life

starting with NOW.

or is it courage?
Compels me to continue.

Not to try would mean

Abandoning dreams
and yielding to
Greedy gremlins
who wish to hoard
all treasure
for themselves.

I rest my hands

upon the water soaked wood
and close my eyes.

Like a child making a wish
before blowing out

Birthday candles,
I pause,

allowing time
for my vision of
Hoped for treasures

to materialize into

Treasures already

Do tell ... what is in your treasure chest today?
(yes, that is Cowgirl riding a large Rooster who is wearing her hat on the Merry Go Round.)


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the mystery. I miss you guys!!! My craziness that is school is almost over so I hope to spend some time with you ASAP!!!!

  2. This poem rocked! Thanks for sharing. I once had my palm read by someone who does hand analysis and she had mentioned that I had a marking for buried treasure - a gift that I had not yet fully surfaced. I enjoyed reading your creation.