Friday, August 21, 2009

A Good Day

Cowgirl has declared today to be a Good Day and so I thought I should share the secret recipe so that all can enjoy such bliss.

Recipe for a Good Day:
- Begin the morning with 2 hours cuddle time in bed with Cowgirl (a.k.a. Sleeping In.)
- Take Moosie on his morning walk in hoodie and sweatpants (it's that cold! Unheard of for August.)
- Linger over morning coffee and ponder the possibilities for an unscheduled day
- Make grilled cheese sandwiches and organic tomato basil soup for lunch and eat as a family (Moose included of course.)
- Spend day watching Cowgirl construct a parking structure out of legos for her cars and airplanes while working on Vision Kit (meaning: have piles of magazines and clip happily away anything that inspires or thrills you.)
- Do more art because there is still plenty of time!
- Take some pictures (read: permission to goof off and always, lots of jumping!)

Do not rush any portion of the process; bake until you are fully relaxed; enjoy at leisure.

Today I am grateful for having this munchkin by my side. An old friend recently traveled to Taiwan to meet the 6 week old baby who is/will be her adopted son. She has to leave him and wait for the court process to legally declare them a family and this will take months. I cannot fathom the heartache of meeting, holding, loving and then leaving your child. I am hugging Cowgirl extra tight in gratitude for us being together now. And in 2 days time, we will be celebrating the 3 year anniversary of our family coming together through adoption. It is hard to believe that much time has passed; my heart is still tender contemplating it all.

I'm not sure what I am trusting right now. I have put together three brand new workshops for the fall calendar at the Yoga Center where I teach and last night I began to freak out about it. Yeah, those nasty gremlins made a house call! I found myself thinking "I don't have anything to teach! What was I thinking? People won't pay money for what I am offering." I guess I am trusting my inner fairies will show those gremlins to the door; I am trusting that fears, doubts and insecurities are a natural part of any new adventure and I must live through it, but not be crippled by it.

I am inspired by my Cowgirl who has been nothing but brave, loving and trusting in her life with us. From the first moment she grabbed onto me; from the first night when she fell asleep upon her daddy's chest, she has only looked forward to her future. She reminds me daily that life is only lived forward. No regrets, nothing held back. I love you my Xiao Miao, my little seedling. Happy day indeed!

Do share your favorite recipes for a Good Day :)

(Cowgirl using monster puppet to scare away my Blue Meanies)


  1. Oh! Great jumping shot!
    Love the recipe for a Good Day!

    Do not listen to these gremlins - everything will fall into a place, and you will be amazed by the results. I'm searching for a good yoga class, and I would sign up for yours if I've live closer!

    I have similar feelings, my daughter is 3 now, and my son 5 - everyday I look at them and ask myself - is this for real?


  2. Oh that sounds like a perfect day. I'm hoping for one of those this weekend.

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. We reach three years in November and I know exactly how you feel.

    Your workshops will be amazing I'm sure and yes, if I was close enough I'd be there.

  3. Oh Lis! love the jumping shots!

    I think of all you've shared about yoga and chakras and personal power and love and just think those workshops will be jam packed with amazing stuff. But leaps are always scary! And I know how I hate putting myself on the spot - having to prove myself. Probably just therapeutic to write it and put it out there - good one!

    Thanks for the receipe of your perfect day - will have to think about mine!

    Love your blog!

    - Kif

  4. That IS a good day! Cowgirl is absolutely right. I love, love, love the jumping shots! So much joy!

  5. You have plenty to teach! I saw the classes listed in Susi's flyer and was happy you were doing something. I know you've wanted to do more but needed to find your way - you wouldn't have been driven to teach if you had nothing to say! I can't believe Clara has been here for three years - wow!!!

  6. If I had my own private plane, I would fly out to take your Yoga Classes (and boy, could I use them!!). You will be fabulous, and your students will be so blessed.

    Hooray for Cowgirl, keeping her mama going!!!

    Let's perfect day....
    No alarm clock going off in the morning
    Coffee brought to me in bed to sip while I think about getting out of bed
    Homemade French toast for breakfast
    A sunny day, 74 degrees
    A walk on a nearby sandy beach, gathering rocks
    and feeling the warmth of the sand between my toes :)
    Coming back home and playing with some clay, creating whatever is calling to be created
    BBQ salmon on the grill and chopped salad for dinner, served with decaf ice tea
    A clear starry night, with no mosquitos
    And a gentle massage before bed :)