Friday, February 18, 2011

Got Joy?

I swear, I feel like I have been turned inside out and upside down ... is it this full moon? I think I've packed years of therapy into one week and am reeling from all that has bubbled to the surface (more like hot lava spewing forth) and has settled around me. Big teachings, big insights. Lots of painting and learning from the process.

just one sheet in the 6 sheet large painting i am doing for Deep

And after ecstasy, then the dishes and walking the dog and tomorrow's lunch to be made and, of course, always the laundry.

All of which is why I am clinging to this notion of being a Joy Warrior. What I am realizing is I do a lot in any given day; life demands much from us and the wonder and excitement and joy can often get buried under all that dirty laundry. Or rather, my energy and capacity for joy is diluted by the necessary application of myself to keeping things rolling along.

But being a Joy Warrior is not about doing more. It is not so much an effort, but a non-effort. It is a conscious choice to open myself up to Joy. That is it. Really. Trust me.

Okay, yeah there is also a little thing called being Present. But here's the trick to that: close your eyes and take a breath. Play attention to the inhale and the exhale. And now take another breath. This time, exhale out through your mouth with a sigh. And since three is a good number, take one more breath and let that sigh be a little louder, a little more juicy. And now just notice how you feel.

If you can do that and I mean just do that - no letting your mind drift to the past and any regrets, wounds, pains nor think about the future with its attendant worries, anxieties or anticipation - then you are allowing there to be this open space into which Joy (or contentment or bliss or gratitude) can pour in.

Choosing Joy can be that simple. You open yourself up to it by letting go of something you no longer need to cling to or carry or drag around. Knowing you always have a choice is really the challenge.

And some days, the choice between going home and tackling the laundry or heading over to the local nail salon for some Warrior Girl pampering isn't really choice - it is a declaration of Joy. A giving Joy a toehold into your soul.

I am loving everyone's response to join the call! So tell me, how are you going to expand Joy this weekend? I swear, under that full moon I am seeing some bubbles floating by ...


  1. Lis this is absolutely beautiful and fills me with joy.

  2. oh!! love this...LOVE the nail polish! JOY!!

    {Savannah and I are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet this weekend...and we have baking planned....and whatever else bubbles by..}

    yes -- the full moon is really *full* of energy this month, i've found....i've found it a huge cathartic surge from the funk of previous weeks...


  3. I'm constantly reminding myself to "give joy a toehold" -- wonderful phrase. Methinks it's time for a pedicure. Ciao!

  4. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. Oh, I want to be a Joy Warrior, too!

    Woman, you blow my mind how much you get done even when you're not getting stuff done. Always beautiful, soul filling stuff to see here.

    Big Hugs from me!