Saturday, February 26, 2011

tracks and signs

Lately it seems nature is bombarding me with messages and teachings I am to integrate into my life.
The veil between my intuition and my rational mind has been yanked away and I am in awe of the wisdom being imparted to me. Hawk circles above me, rabbit has left two tufts of fur (in addition to necessitating a rescue from our window well), woodpecker drums out his morse code and even skunk has paid a visit and left an offer, albeit of the odorous kind.

I am listening, I am paying attention. Class is in session and I have much to learn.


you slip into my world
but signs of your presence
are everywhere

a maze of tracks in the snow
a trail of droppings
the ruin of our garden

reminders one can be active
without requiring attention

your gift is to blend in
moving in the realm of half-light
following the moon
suggesting the wisdom found in cycles
a time to ripen, be full, produce
a time to empty, feed oneself, regenerate

stillness is your defense
knowing when it is right to act, run
and when it best to wait things out
allowing danger to pass you by

you teach me
to always have an escape route
knowing when to leap, hop, double back
and to use ones energy wisely

persistent, fertile, unrelenting
you endure
you thrive

dodging danger daily
to return to the nest
tending to your young
before venturing out again
to nourish yourself.


Errand day
mind filled with lists
and itinerary
giving self
and precious time
to what is necessary
but seldom enjoyed.

Driving on auto-pilot
I almost missed it -
a young fox
the color of faded pumpkins
and dried leaved
making a dash across the street

just before slipping into
the high grass
to cast a glance over his shoulder
and in my direction.

The thrill of such a moment!
Catching a furtive view
of the stealthy thief himself
a treat to eyes
wearied by the sight
of so many dead raccoons
in recent days.

For some cultures
Fox represents
a noble guide
appearing in human realms
to offer his wisdom

Shape shifter -
master of blending in -
determined and focused -
hunter -
adaptable predator -
crafty thinker -
just a few ways
to consider the symbolism of

As I revisit the moment
it is that swift glance -
as if to be sure I was watching -
which seems to offer me a clue

Silent observer
Taker of risks
perhaps you were
reminding me
to pay close attention
keeping eyes open
for the opportunities
present only
when we are alert.

And to become fox-like
creatively manifesting
my dreams
risks only appear so
to unimaginative
and dulled eyes.

What lessons is nature sharing with you? Have you been paying attention?


  1. Always paying attention...always watching {wishing?} for that fleeting moment when something wild meets the gaze of something tame. You're a veil has been lifted.

    "It is that swift glance - as if to be sure I was watching"

  2. Wow, what an amazing, amazing post. To be open to nature, to have nature speak in such a way is a gift. I, too, have been acutely aware of the animals making themselves known lately (yes, even a skunk although just the whiff and not on my property). Plenty of birds in my awakening including two unusual ones - owl and hawk, two predators. I am listening, waiting and yearning.

  3. P.S. Congratulations on the medicine bundle gift. Yowza!