Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mission: Love & Joy

Did you receive the memo? It is a week-long celebration of love and goodness over at Dirty Footprints Studio and the party is in full swing. There are nineteen scrumptious party prizes up for grabs, so check it out and be sure to enter because cupid could just pick you to win!

And if that isn't enough get you doing a happy dance, then check out the very first podcast by the always effervescent goddess Leonie at Goddess Guidebook for some midweek inspiration. I guarantee she not only can turn any frown upside down, she will have you twirling and giggling and resolving it is time for some inspired play.

The day was sunny and warm and I was still floating along from Leonie's meditation when I went to pick Cowgirl up from school. "What are we going to do today?" she asked. "We are going to be Joy Warriors" I declared, surprising both of us.

"What is a Joy Warrior?" you may ask. Well, a Joy Warrior is one who stands up against the Blahs and the Blue Meanies, pushing back the Doldrums and declaring Mediocrity has no place in her world. A Joy Warrior laughs, plays and loves with her whole heart. A Joy Warrior lifts her face to the sky and declares every day is a day to be filled with celebration.

A Joy Warrior's main weapon is her indomitable spirit and a full bottle of bubble soap. So even though the day quickly turned gray and cold by the time we got home, we two warriors were not deterred.

A half hour and a wand full of bubbles later, we rested knowing Joy once again ruled supreme in our little bit of the world.

We are currently recruiting new warriors to fight the good fight in all corners of the world. We won't stop until the skies are filled with bubbles, our faces fatigued from smiling and the music of giggles reaches the heavens. We are on Mission: Joy. So go gather your wands, your glitter, your tap shoes and tutus and help us bubble this planet into a new orbit.

The time is now. The need has never been greater. And the bubbles seem to be expanding ... or is that just the result of a buoyant perspective?

How will you help the cause?


  1. Oh Lis, I am standing by you both, bubble wands at the ready. CHARGE!!!!!

  2. Hi Lis, I love the joyful energy of this post! I'm in! I love that big bubble photo where we can see cowgirl's face behind it.

  3. This is so cute! You're adorable!

  4. raising my bubble wand, i shall Joy under your banner any day!!

    love this...xo

  5. Oh my goodness this post made me smile, thank you soooo much xxx

  6. Just the perfect cure for mid winter blues. Yea!! Lis.

  7. Love that Pola of Cowgirl! Fantabulous colors. I shall join the fight and I think I will be armed with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. In fact I just got a *new* pink glitter nail polish! You can never have enough joy, right? :)

  8. Oh my GOSH!!!! You just melted my heart :)

    You know you just wrote the perfect rough draft for a best-selling, loved-the-world-over, heart-expanding children's book, right??? It starts out with a mom picking her daughter up on a dreary day and surprising her with the radical declaration that they are going to be joy warriors! Then it follows them on their amazing joy warrior-ing adventure involving wands and bubbles and culminates in the most fabulously tantalizing, heart-warming invitation to the reader - to join them as a joy warrior!!!!!!!! Please write this and submit it to some publishers or self-publish as an e-book. Please!!!!!! :) please? Can I make an advance order?

    And as for my own joy-warrioring - I strapped on some armor yesterday and headed over to a high school career fair for 6 hours to represent the tech sector :) And I was heartbroken as I heard other people in the tech field beat the drum of getting into technology because of how much money you can make, and pointing at the creator of Facebook, and telling them to go do the same thing and make billions before they are 25. And I saw this message waft out over a crowd of impressionable people who are starting to think about what they might want to do with their lives and who they might want to be, and I had to be the lone crazy lady in the room chanting the mantra of do what you love, and don't follow the money trail - because the money trail is not the happiness trail! And the crazy ironic thing is that somehow if you are doing what you love and are passionate about, the material stuff starts to work itself out, and . . . they all looked at me like I had something funny in my corn flakes that morning and I felt like a complete fool. But then I read your post and realized that as foolish as I felt, I was being a totally ferocious joy warrior, and that's the team I always want to be on!

    So thank you very much for this post, I needed it today, and think it would make the most delightful, excellent children's book to send out into the world and make joy ripples everywhere :) And thanks to you and Cowgirl for being two of the most courageous joy warriors on the planet!!!


  9. YES, YES, YES!!!! I want to be a Joy Warrior!! I have tap shoes and a tutu. I have glitter and a boa. I have bubbles and sidewalk chalk. I have paint and crayons. I'm so ready to cover the house, the street, the city, the entire world in JOY!! YAY!!!!! BIG love to you and LET'S START A REVOLUTION!

  10. Joy Warrior on duty in Tennessee!:) Love this!

  11. thanks for making me feel joyful again. i think i am in the middle of the winter blahs - yes, even in arizona! the news of late has made me less than hopeful. so count me in - i want to be a joy warrior, too! you may have started a revolution. :-)

  12. Joy Warriors. I absolutely love this!!! What a fabulous term and how great for you and Cowgirl to attack the February blues, Lis!!

  13. i love this.....count me in.....Joy Warrior.....

  14. Wow. I need to remember that simple moments of joy are possible. You two are helping me with that.
    Thank you
    thank you
    thank you!
    Amy Hutto
    Berkeley, CA

  15. I love you Joy Warrior!!!! ♥

    love and light

  16. You have reminded me how much fun it is to blow colored bubbles outside in below freexing temperatures!