Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ingredients for a good day ...

Sunshine and a friend to share it:

a reminder that Spring is on her way:

sweetness shared:

love freely and generously given:

Key ingredients not pictured:

Skyping with a dear friend; a supportive and affirming email from a goddess; and this inspiring blog post on medicine bundles with an added surprise at the end.

A very good day, courtesy of Joy, fairies and magic.


  1. how precious those very good days are! what would we do without them? :-)

  2. sweetness! love the medicine bundle part! :o)

  3. Dear Lis-Oh!! I am SO happy happy that Spring is on her way to you!!! I know it's been such a long winter:( Take heart...soon it will be green green green!
    I really love your post are teaching me to how be a better mom. In every post of yours, there are magical pieces of wisdom and encouragement...I also love how you INFUSE Cowgirls's life with creativity!!! In every very inspiring! Oh!!! And did you paint the Mother and is SIMPLY spectacular...I LOVE it!!!!Everything about it speaks of the love and connection between you and your girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! xxx

  4. Lis - so so so so absolutely precious. Oh you make my insides and my outsides smile!! :)

  5. love that sweet little necklace.
    and of course the top photo!!