Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Inspiration Celebration: my life in paint

Still buzzing from this:

"... there is a faith simply in the validity of art." (Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet)

Taking time off ... a random act of self-kindness ... packing up knapsack with paints, pads, pencils and pens, Poemcrazy (a gift from a goddess), new poem journal (can you see my gooseflesh?), apple, pbj, water and granola bar ... driving to the botanical gardens and getting lost for a few hours.

Or was I found?

journal page following prompt from Wild Precious Studios (seriously folks, it is free to join and tons of goodness within ... come over and play!)

Living beneath words, watching for the signs, inspiration found in dreams

and in the middle of my path.

Signs were posted to beware aggressive turkeys as it is mating season; turkey symbolizes the realization that all is one, everything is sacred. Turkey represents giving selflessly because what we do for others, we do for ourselves. Turkey appearing can represent receiving a great gift or the impulse to share. So this amorous turkey was especially eager to bestow his gifts - a beautiful, art-filled day.

Yes, faith reaffirmed. And blessed and celebrated.


  1. Looks like a glorious day! And I'm loving your references to "A Circle of Quiet" - here and in your marvelous vlog:) Will definitely have to check this one out. Thanks!

  2. what a fabulous creative day! joy!

  3. What a blessing that day was! Love your art from the day and the reference about the turkey!

  4. sounds like a fabulous day - i wish i could have joined you! your pages are so dreamy. i want sheets with the design of your first photo here. :-)

  5. It looked like a perfect day. We should all make time for a day like that.

  6. Lis,I can feel the magic sparkling to the brim in this post. I don't know where to start with how gorgeous your creations are! The wolf journal pages are my favourite piece of yours that I have had the honour to see. I feel so drawn to that powerful howl, the connecting words and the colours, oh the colours speak to me so vibrantly. And that stunningly beautiful, graceful owl, swooping so peacefully in the night sky- awesome! Lots of love, Milena

  7. ah...sweet bliss...and such gorgeous, gorgeous art.




  8. Such a wonderful artist date: drawing, photographing, and, I'm sure, some poetry writing. You are bursting with creativity! Brava! p.s. I love that turkey shot.

  9. I love spending time getting lost in the botanicals. One of my favourite places to go to before I had kids that meant they tried to swim with those great koi's and all sorts of things that don't mesh with the peace and quiet I used to find. :)

  10. Lovely, creative paintings and photos. i watched a lady across the table from me draw a whole page of beauty during a two hour workshop this evening. She managed to listen, participate and create all at the same time....amazing. The only "art" in my journal is what Natasha asked for in our 4 wk. writing course, and one simple line drawing of my sister's horse. Your journal must be such a satisfying thing for you to leaf thru, seeing AND reading where your heart has been travelling lately. Thanks for sharing. Rosemary

  11. Arrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


    (From one loping lupine to another!)

  12. LOL Effy's arrrrroooooooo has me giggling so hard I can't type! *shaking head* She's so funny.

    I adore your popout wolf. Did you check out my post for that day... it has a recipe to make your own glazing liquid.

    Thanks for visiting me and signing up for my giveaway. I'll have my fingers crossed for you!