Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Inspiration Celebration: or insanity?

I cannot begin to express how blown away I am by everyone's support and encouragement for my, ahem, little media experiment of last week. I am truly excited by the possibilities for deeper discussion and dialogue that video story telling holds (oh, okay - Vlogging! I vlogged. I'm okay with that!) I know I have already have thoughts for another session jotted down in my book, so I think I will be doing some future pieces. Definitely a Friday kind of event.

I find it thrilling to learn so many of us are Fred and Ginger fans! Here I thought our common link was creative self-exploration, but maybe the glue that binds us is a desire to find the ballroom moment in the everyday? (I now remember my first public-ish video was me dancing for my Unraveling course ... honestly, I am just now realizing the depths of my dancing dreams ... )

Okay, I am a bit scattered today, the result of a luxurious 4 hour coffee break with friends exploring some of the issues raised here last week. My mind is fudge at the moment. Not a whole lot of inspiration, but a dose of insanity?

Yes, the light blue ukulele finally arrived! (Ukuleles are apparently wildly popular -
who knew? - and the music store cannot keep them in stock and this batch was delayed in arrived because of the tsunami. Not to belittle a horrific event, but crazy to see how it impacted my life via a much anticipated ukulele.)

Already I can tell ... we are going to love it. I know 3 chords and can already play All Together Now by the Beatles. Cowgirl rocks the chorus. She is more free form, but very intent. When I brought it out, she had her eyes closed and as I placed it in her hands her grin widened and she was giggling and immediately smitten when she finally opened her eyes.

So between the coffee and the ukulele, I haven't had time to do much here. I do want to share one huge HUGE inspiration ... the wonderful ning group run by divine Miss Effy Wild over in her Wild Precious Studio. There are several groups I immediately joined: one for art journaling and another for mandalas. Each one has a weekly prompts with videos and links, bringing together some of the best stuff out there and it is free people, yes free! Here is a piece I did over the weekend after watching one video:

Check it out. I spend one evening perusing the site and already have a beaucoup ideas for things I want to play with in my art journal (and I haven't even looked at the photography site yet! Be still my aging heart!)

Here is one video I saw before on making mandalas that is shared on Effy's site. Get a pen ready ... it is hypnotic:

So much more to share ... May Day celebrations, brownies made

clowns seen, the first farmer's market of the season ... guess I should watch the mandala video again and calm myself down ... I am also contemplating a 21 day power poetry writing class. What do you think? Should I leap?

Welcome May. I am so happy to have you finally here.


  1. Truly enjoy coming here and seeing where you are in your creative journey... can't wait take a moment andw watch the video. skype soon my friend. Interview and giveaway with Jen Lee for my Monday inspiration.


  2. i know - isn't Effy's place AWESOME?!?! i've got inspiration backed up out the

    LOVE the ukelele!!!!


    ps. i just saw Karen's comment - you Skype?omg -sign me up!! :D

  3. oh my gosh you offer up so many wonderful tidbits! the blue uke? fab! i'm over here singing the word "a..w..e..s..o..m..e" (picture/hear off-key sing-song voice as i lilt through that word).
    oh and le sigh. effy. i want to jump right in to her ning group and am so worried i'll not have time to truly devote myself there and i'll get kicked out. i have so many creative projects going on at the moment... but i'll get there, i will!
    love to you this spring day, whatever that may look like in your neck of the woods. we've finally moved into the 70's. still not typical, usually by this time we've already been in the 80's for a few weeks. savoring the 'coolness' of this season this year. hugs lis!

  4. That's freaky, I'm busy drawing and painting mandalas myself.

  5. wow - what an amazing creative journey you are on . . . I think you should jump :) gosh, you almost make me want to learn the ukulele too!

    Thanks for stopping by. Off to check out your vlogging now!


  6. Did I hear/ read a commitment to Friday vlogs from now on?! Go for it! Please. . .

  7. Sounds like lots of inspiration going on here -- you're a natural for the poetry writing -- take that leap! I love the blue ukulele! XOXO

    p.s. If you want any travel tips re your vacation, you can eamil me.

  8. LOVE! <3

    Poetry thing? Definitely. I am actually considering myself. xoxoxo

    Effy The Wild

  9. Ahhhhh...bugger it all. I can't afford it. Do keep us posted, though, would you please, luffly?? <3 I love your writing!

  10. oh i wish i had the badnwidth/speed to watch yours and mel's vlogging.

    btw, i'm more of a grace kelly fan :)

    yay to brownies!