Wednesday, May 11, 2011

remember to look down

The prompt for this week's 52 photos project was a natural one for me. Seems I am always looking down, whether it be to navigate the obstacle course of bird poop that materializes on the sidewalks this time of year (no, I did not photograph it!) or looking about while waiting for Moose to investigate a particular juicy smell,

i enjoy believing i live in the city of Om

or searching for signs of Spring's final arrival

I have to take care not to step on sleeping dogs,

and the numerous cars (and dinosaurs) that are waging their not-so-sneaky campaign for total home domination.

What threatens your feet these days? Look down, you might be surprised. (No, I'm not surprised by the dust bunnies gathering as I type ...)


  1. ha! i sometimes choose not to look down on my dirty tile floors! but love your prompting to be aware of all perspectives.

  2. Oh I have plenty of those dust bunnies around here as well as a sleeping pup.. such a sweet pic of moose.. love your view of the ground..


  3. ohhh, love this. one dirty ass cat-hair-covered carpet. but oh well! i'd rather create!!! :o)

    also on floor, hundreds of legos threatening my safety. magazine scraps for collages and journal pages. shoes galore. but amazingly enough, quite a wide path for walking through despite all that.

    all is good.

  4. As I plowed thru the brush and tall grasses to get "the perfect picture", I was afraid to look down for fear that I might see a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. is that basil in your garden pot?

    wooden floorboards is what is under my feet just now. A few crumbs from yesterdays dinner under the dinning room table... we've just moved into this place so I spend a lot of time cleaning to have a sense of some control over the chaos. What does that tell us about me??!!


    Ines xx

  6. such goodness on the ground, dust bunnies and all.

  7. What a lovely set of photographs. I love your post today.

  8. Hey Lis!
    I just posted my photo at 52photosproject - looks like I'm following you in blogosphere ;) but don't worry I do not stalk! love :*

  9. Lis, the City of Om shot is fabulous! Am a fan of rust textures, they have such stories to tell. Lots of love, Milena