Thursday, May 5, 2011

vlogging ... take 2 ... on dreams and finding my BA!

Look what your encouragement has done ...

recovering dreams from Lisa Hofmann on Vimeo.

Okay, so I find it hard to get the ball rolling on these vloggy things and when I finish I think of a dozen or more other points I wish I had made but well, there you have it.

Today I talk about voicing my dreams, taking action, making change and finding my BA which you will just have to suffer through the first 13 minutes or so to understand what I mean by that! I neglect to mention how I am following my own advice: practicing the ukulele and planning on taking lessons; joining a writing/story telling group (The Storyteller's Village) run by the cartwheeling angel known as Natasha; edging closer and closer to signing up for a online poetry class which begins in 4 days (the price is the only thing causing me to pause but I think I can say BA! to the money gremlins and place my trust in the abundance angels.)

Speaking of angels ... check out the latest podcast by goddess leonie on trusting your intuition ... "if it makes you glow, it is your truth." I believe, oh I believe! And a big BA to anyone who dares to say otherwise.

(update: for a truly inspiring vlog on choosing Joy, my sweet friend Angela has just posted a beautiful piece over on her new blog bloodsugarwitch. I am in awe of her gentle power, graceful wisdom and strength. She is one of my inspirations and a voice much needed in bloggyland. Do go over and say hi. Have a tissue handy!)


  1. Loved it Lis! Your husband is a wise man. I guess we often feel the need to put some big label on our lives, some Career. But truly being ourselves, defining our lives the way that we want to, is the most important thing.

    And the story about your daughter cracked me up. BA! Way to go Cowgirl! I don't like people invading my personal space either! But it seems to get harder to stick up for ourselves when we get older and learn words like "polite" and "appropriate". I'm glad you are finding your BA!

    I just have to share that in that story about the man and the hole, I really thought the man was going to fill the hole one day! Does that show my obnoxious need to "fix" people? In the future I will be reminding myself to just take another road!

    Great VLOG :P I hope you do more.

    <3 ~Brandi

  2. Hi Lis, first of all horray for your daughter that can speak out loud for herself. It is some foundational things you are talking about this time. To be able to (or have the currage to) stand tall for oneself even if that means one against many. I think I've always spoken when I felt something was wrong but that don't mean I've never been hurt. But it was first when I found my inner "anchor" that my confidence became what I need. I became aware of myself in a whole new manner. Today I know myself and speak out every time I feel something is wrong. In dailylife I think I,m seen on as a strong person (yes I am too) but that leads to also be responsible in my actions. As I notice, several people have me as their lead and that force me to always be responsible. (Uha, if I only could master your language I can't find the right words)
    My simpel mantra is this: I'm me and that's just enough to fill this body.
    I really hope you do understand what I'm saying. In my own language there would be no doubt in the meaning of my exprecions. I vote for you to continue your work! :-))

  3. What an extraordinary blending of stories. Do you think some of us are just born with our own BA? And others have to work hard at getting it? I have worked hard at getting mine. And even now it's more of a dalai lama style "Ba". But I'm OK with that. These vlogs are so much fun for us as viewers, as hard as they are for you to make them. You tell a great story. I love that your husband could "see" you even then and has (I'm guessing at this second part) allowed you to blossom. On an completely unrelated subject, I love the shade of paint in your yoga studio - I have been looking at swatches for a room I am doing next month and I think I found the colour - yours!

  4. I so love listening to your mind. I love the thoughtful and reflective journey that you take me on. You are so cool Lis. Hugs

  5. Oh I loved the vlog and hearing your stories. I had heard the story about the man and the hole before but you know it didn't sink in how it fit in my life until now. Its like the repeating the same behavior and expecting different results is a sign of insanity line. For a situation in my life I know I need to take a different road, quit falling into that same trap that trips me up all the time. Thanks for enlightening me today.

  6. Great vlog, Lis. I too have had that brain freeze moment when asked 'what would you do if you could do anything?' And I'm still searching for the answer :)

  7. It worked!Your storytelling inspired me to make my first vlog- thank you!I really liked the darma story.So often I tread on a well worn road with my eyes closed.Maybe Cowgirl can teach you some sword play moves to help you protect your space :)
    Many Blessings-

  8. Lis! Ever the inspiration to me...that thought about what happens to our dreams if we don't share them or give voice to them struck such a chord with me that I plan to vlog but that's beside the point. Your stories - sitting and talking with your husband, the brilliant BA your daughter dropped at the park - all of it is so compelling. YOU are doing what you are meant to in sharing your stories and I LOVE that...I love it madly just as I do YOU!

  9. so, SO fabulous! {i'm late to the party but i'll make a dramatic entrance to make up for my tardiness -- imagine me in stilettos and a purple afro wig ;)}

    i'm thrilled to bits that you're going to keep on with these...i really do believe that sharing these stories opens up the space for others to do so as well...

    as for the BA. i think i have a roaring inner BA! but i learned to suppress it early on in life and am only just starting to get it some situations -- usually those involving the defense of others, i have no trouble bellowing my truth...but in defense of myself? well...that's where it gets tricky. which is all wound up in self-worth, i'm sure...


  10. LOVE these!! Definitely hope you will be back:)

  11. Oh, this is lovely! You have such a beautiful voice! :)

    And a BIG thank you for the beautiful art card! It could not have come at a better time for me :)

    much love,

  12. I am tempted to comment in German ;-)
    LOved this piece as much as the first one! There is so much wisdom in your story telling.

  13. lis! wow, it's taken FOREVER for me to get here!
    you are such a wonderful weaver of stories. just so love you, your vlog, your strong cowgirl daughter. totally admire her Ba! thank you for inspiring me to vlog too! lovely lovely lovely.

  14. Lovely Lis, sorry that it has taken me so long to comment on this wonderful post- things have been crazy for me recently but I now have a week's worth of half term holidays to slow down properly and catch up on all my bog reading. I love listening to you Lis, you are a born storyteller, and always give so much insight and honesty. I find myself standing up for myself more and more as I grow older, I suppose as I collect experiences and examine in more depth what matters to me and how I am willing be to treated. But it is such hard work, it doesn't come naturally to me. I shall have your daughter's BA in my head next time I have to be brave- what a great lesson :)