Friday, May 13, 2011

fearless vlogging

head still in a fog ...

Riffing on things Mel and Natasha shared ... and trying not to sound arrogant or judgmental. I think the abbreviated version is understanding the many ways we choose to live our dreams and letting go of comparisons or insecurities. Boldly stating "This is for me, I do this because it enriches my experience and that is all the justification necessary."

Yeah, I think that is what I am fumbling for here ... coming to appreciate my dream is big enough and bold enough to hold up and say "this is mine ... isn't it lovely?" I've worked hard to carve out this creative life of mine; it is a work in progress subject to revisions, expansion and demolition. But it is mine and at the end of the day I feel my corner of the world is a little brighter for my presence. Or perhaps I am less grumpy and therefore thing seem sunnier?

So perhaps all that is said here is just another take on the age-old anxiety of feeling I am enough? Which would make this a long exercise in coming to find ease within myself and my choices.

Back to creating and stepping outside of this big brain of mine. Enjoy with a stiff drink ... the video will go faster ...

on fearless dreaming from Lisa Hofmann on Vimeo.


  1. ahhhaaahhh....fabulous!

    yes, yes and YES -- let's open this whole thing up!

    what you said about our need to justify our time by making it somehow 'profitable' really resonated with me. even my thought to 'fund' my own art habit is a way of saying it's not a worthy allocation of financial resources...

    lots of juicy stuff here..oh and the poetry. *sigh* that's been something i've written for myself...never feeling like i *ought* to angle toward publishing -- other than for myself -- and it's such a different relationship i have with it. i don't ever feel that 'good enough' terror that i feel with other things....

    i suppose that should tell me something...


  2. I love the imagery of the hibachi (you may be dating yourself even using the word "hibachi") and setting yourself on fire. I hope you find a way to use that. I am also glad you leaped into the poetry class and how odd that you couldn't hide. You soul is beckoning to open and stretch and shake you up in ways you may not want. But just look at the results! I have not read your conversations with Mel and Natasha but I am also coming to terms with learning how much the time I spend with my own creativity is so deeply a part of me, regardless of it not paying the bills, it is just so essential. Even my son tells me to go in the studio if I am stressed out or grouchy or too tense - he writes me a prescription of colour and play. This is indeed an ongoing conversation, thanks for opening it up here.

  3. This is an incredibly important conversation, Lis. Can I reply in a blog post at SidheSays with your video embedded for context? (SidheSays is here:

  4. Thought provoking and true! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Much Love
    Paula aka Journalartista