Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 2 of SARK - Another Poem?!


Possibility dances into my life.

She has wild, flowing hair

Sparkling with jeweled barrettes

and strands of gray that hint of many adventures lived.

Her clothes are soft, unfitted, allowing for fluid movement.

She wears the colors of the earth and sky

so as to blend in with the World she is so comfortably a part of.

Her skin is freckled with the many angel kisses

she so willingly receives.

Her smile is sunlight upon my skin.

Her dark eyes penetrate deep within me,

Seeing all that I am

and the All that I might become.

She lives in Flow and her actions

Sparkle with the effervescence

that is life bubbling up

unencumbered, unplanned, unprodded,

accepted, trusted,

And cherished.

As she twirls by me,

She leans in

and sings into my ear.

I can barely catch the words,

and the tune, while unknown

Rings familiar to my soul.


and be the dance.


and be the song.


and just be



and welcome

All your heart’s dreams.”

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