Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look! Can you see it? Can you see the fairy dust?

I can no longer ove
rlook the fact that fairies seem to be popping up all around me and my blogging buddies around the world. Never mind the abduction of a couple of neighboring garden gnomes (I pointed this out to their family who had failed to notice their absence! No wonder the poor gnomes left. Cowgirl and I are always on the lookout for those mischievous gnomes that like to steal underpants from dresser drawers.) The fairies seem to be getting antsy and are letting us all know they will be acknowledge!

A few months ago Cowgirl received this kit to make a mailbox. I'll admit, at first I was perplexed as to what a child would do with a foam mailbox that obviously defies U.S. Postal standards. Then I realized it was a mailbox for Fairy Mail! Ever since, it has been sitting on the dining room table and every morning Cowgirl faithfully checks it for a new letter or prize. On the days there is mail, there is great joy in our household. A gasp, a shout "they left mail!" and then the demand to read the message pronto. The days of no mail, well, bitter disappointment. And even though we've talked about how busy the fairies are, how they cannot deliver mail everyday, how they took a vacation after helping the Easter Bunny (because unlike Santa who has all those elves, the Easter Bunny has no real help unless the fairies pitch in) and how rain thwarts their flight ("you have to tell them about umbrellas mommy!") we still are deeply dismayed on no mail days.

I've enjoyed watching Cowgirl engage with the fairies. I mentioned we left them rocks in the creek and we also scope out good flowers in the garden for fairy hangouts, and we leave them notes and pictures. But I am beginning to think I've not been giving them their due. While I smile as I watch the magic swirl around Cowgirl, I am sensing those fairies are up to something with involving us adults.

There seems to be a fairy plot to scatter magic dust upon more cynical, tired, jaded heads. Let's face it, belief in magic and dreams is not perceived as responsible or practical in grown up circles. But what if the fairies are trying to shake things so we will take a longer look and see magic has always been there for those who choose to believe? What if we've been under some kind of spell from an evil troll or witch who want to hoard all the magic and glitter for themselves? Are we being asked to cast off those mental shackles and step into the fairy ring to receive our due?

I'm not sure of all the details but I've decided to leave a few notes of my own for the fairies. Just asking for a little more guidance. In return, I am promising to Believe. I am closing my eyes, invoking my dreams and asking for a little fairy magic to help me on my way.


  1. Lis----I still believe in fairies---but sightings are rare!!
    I, too, promise to "believe"----and by the way, your blog is spreading magic-----congratulations----it has such honesty and charm and appeal...I shall put it in my backpack for "the" journey!!!

  2. How very darling of you sharing this belief in fairies with Cowgirl :)

    I must try something along those lines---and you are so very wise, explaining how busy they get.

    Yes, I Believe for you as well....confession, I always believe better for my friends than for myself---:)


  3. Ha! "mischievous gnomes that steal underpants"! perfect! my husband always asks me when his pant and sock drawers are empty if the pant and sock fairy is on holiday! now I can tell him, "no, the gnomes must have stolen everything!" :-)

    I love all your different explanations as to why there's no post. that's hilarious! one day I'll have to get your address off you and send you some international fairy mail. I'd love to imagine c-dog's jaw drop open when she received that! ;-)

    yes, believe! that is definitely the message that's coming through this month!


  4. Cheers to the fairies! Thy are indeed out there - bringing us what we didn't even know we needed or deserved.

  5. Gorgeous Lis! I love the mythology you are weaving with your Cowgirl :)