Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF (Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration Friday)

I cannot get the badge for it, but I hope to regularly remember TGIF from Brene Brown.

Today I am Trusting that if I stay centered in my heart, speaking my truth from that centeredness, all will work out for the best. I am struggling a bit with some decisions - or nondecisions (do nothing but changing my attitude) - and I want to act from a place of faith and trust, not fear.

I am Grateful for my dear friend, Diana, who so lovingly welcome myself and Cowgirl into her temporary home for a much needed retreat. I was in desperate need of friendship, mommy bonding, and good 'ole feminine fun (we watched Mama Mia and sang; drank many spiked drinks; and talked talked talked.) This is a friend everyone should have: she made me honeyed lattes with lots of foam every morning. Yes, every morning!

I am inspired by this song which Mermaid used for this equally inspiring video.

Yes, I am exactly where I need to be. I just need to remember, resistance is futile and often painful.


  1. It's easy and most enjoyable to be a good friend to you. I can't imagine my life without you. I will happily make you honeyed lattes and welcome you no matter where I might be living for the rest of our lives.
    Love you <3

  2. First time I've heard the new definition of TGIF - love it and really love the song! Thanks for all of this! Have a great day Lis!

    - Kif