Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Moments

This guy came home with Cowgirl today ... don't you love his face? On one side it reads For my family and on the other Cowgirl's rap handle which is her name with Dog added at the end. Yep, that's how she signs it.

I needed this today.

Did you figure it out? It's a butterfly :)


  1. C-dog has a noce ring to it.

  2. um.. ."nice" ring to it, I meant.

  3. ahh this post is making me laugh today. I was loving the face and thinking, what IS that? a man with a shawl? and if so, what's the black bit? thanks for the heads up about the butterfly! ;-) when I read it, I was like OF COURSE!!! but I'm a bit dumb, so C-doggy dog shouldn't be too offended! ;-)

    that name also makes me laugh. my new 365 name apparently is p-drop and adding dog makes it even funnier! p-drop dawg. pdd for short. in fact, isn't there a "gangsta" already called PDiddy? ha ha! oh hours of fun with this post. thanks! :-) xx