Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I think I've fallen down the Rabbit Hole

So, here's the truth: I think I have a little problem and it is morphing into something pretty gia-normous. You see, it all started with an art camp ecourse with McCabe which enabled my - ahem - addiction for all things arty like paints, papers, brayers, stamps, brushes and inks. (Oh, there's more I'm not telling you!) A seemingly innocent class designed to empower Cowgirl through art has shifted into a fascination on my part with art journals and for lack of a more politically correct term, scrap booking. Oh yeah baby, I took a little 10 day e-class on creative scrapbooking which opened up another can of worms.

This would be enough, but no, I was not satisfied. My cravings intensified and I needed more! Much like Victor Hugo on a caffeine binge chewing coffee grounds (bet you didn't know that was where caffeine addiction can lead you!), I had to sign up for more classes, filling up my notepad with more projects. Well, I've written about the Unravelling course which jump started my love of journaling and photography (translate: more how-to books, new camera, new found love of Moleskine journals) and now I've hitched my wagon to 365 days of photographing myself along with 29 equally crazed and inspired women who are suggesting other subjects to photograph!

In a sleep deprived state, I found out about this humble little challenge called 52Q which has you make a tag/card collage/journal response to a question a week. Participants can post pictures of their work in a Flickr photo pool. It is pretty inspiring stuff and of course Emily's Blog has tossed me into a whirlpool of scrap booking ideas/projects. I haven't officially signed up (joined the Flickr group) but I did run out and purchase large shipping tags to use for my responses.

So, are you slumped back in your seat, exhausted from all this mania? But wait - there's more! I'm not sure how this happened - can I say I was on a Modgepodge fume induced bender? - but I just signed up for Juicy Journaling with SARK a 30 day course. Oh yeah, sure they all say you can go at your own pace, but if I don't stay on top of things, I will be buried alive under all these enriching activities.

Okay, so besides Paypal loving me (I just check my limits to make sure I hadn't busted anything) I have to say, I am having a blast! Yeah, I do have that giddy, sitting on the edge of my seat I am so excited but nervously overwhelmed feeling like the roller coaster is just pulling out from the station and the metal bar slapped down upon my lap and how did I get here? Or maybe it is just I've been creatively cramped for so long, getting out and stretching feels a little uncomfortable and scary, but how can I not experience this ride for myself?

But here is what I wrote today, in response to the first writing exercise. I love poetry, but I do not write it. So forgive any errors in form ... but I am pleased with my little poem. Be gentle, she is a newborn.

Gorgeous Moments

Dried salt air upon my skin

A warm summer day and I am sticky and drowsy with sun and play.

Cooled by creek water over hot toes,

Spicy smell of pine in the air reviving me,

Like that first sip of hot coffee in the early morning.

My soul is soothed like the sun dipping down into the ocean at sunset.

Above me, a flock of geese flap by, their wings fanning my senses.

I am reminded it is time to turn homeward.

Dinner needs to be cooked, creating new smells

Signaling nourishment and pleasure and satisfaction.

The evening’s close will find my head upon the pillow,

Scents of perfume from previous nights lingering

Calling me into a dream world of jasmine, rose, and spice.

I pause on my way up, peeking in to see

My wild child, still at last upon her bed,

Arms flung out, as if finally releasing her day to the world.


  1. Oh, so pretty. I love your poetry. I also love that I can turn to you for inspiration for ANY type of crafty/artsy project these days. What a healthy addiction :)

  2. beautiful poem! and I'm also a little giddy with all the creative projects that are and could be... but strangely, last week I stamped on the brakes. said, no to a couple of projects that came up... scared of failing through overcommitment. but now I read your blog, I'm thinking, why did I do that? what am I scared of? you can't creatively "fail" ever, right?! oooh, I could give you a big squeeze right now. you're such an inspiration. right, I'm off to sign my life away! [at least it's curbed our etsy addiction, n'est-ce pas?!] ha! :-) xx

  3. lis! i LOVE your poem!
    it evokes those gorgeous moments perfectly ~
    and fluidly ~
    it's perfect!

    i have to admit i giggled reading your post...
    i think we're both e-course junkies! :)