Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Sun and TGIF

I had many profoundly wise and inspired things bubbling around in my brain that I wanted to write about, but a morning spent at the zoo on the hottest day of the month has leeched any coherent thoughts out of me. I've been thinking a lot about creativity: the need in all of us to find and express our unique voices as an act necessary to our well-being, much like breathing and eating. I am hoping to figure out a way to combine my studies and teaching of yoga with my newly rediscovered joy in making art - or more accurately stated, art play. But I will have let these ideas ferment a little longer before sharing them here.

Meanwhile, Cowgirl and I spent a busy morning at the zoo with a friend from her school and his sister. Three and a half hours, one train ride, merry go-round ride (today the animal of choice was a Big Rooster, replacing a rabbit and an ostrich as favored steeds), the bears, big cats, gorillas and lunch by the duck pond later, and we are spent. I don't need to go to a gym; I have my own 41 inch tall personal trainer and she is unrelenting!

My mother flew in yesterday and we are enjoying a long overdue visit. It has been a year since we've seen each other and it is fun to hear her describe the changes she sees in Cowgirl. We've been excited for this visit and Cowgirl thoughtfully "decorated" Amma's room with some of her animals and toys. She wrapped up a present, selected a few painted rocks and arranged all the throw pillows face down, so Amma would have a surprise when she turned them over. Children can be so me oriented, so I am doubly blown away when she does express such care and consideration.

Amidst all the activity, I am remembering to take time for the things that ground me. I may not be able to find the time to retreat to my yoga room, but I am committing to staying present to these precious moments. It's Friday, and that means TGIF!

Today I am trusting all the practice I have done in the past will sustain me in these next 2 weeks which will be crazy busy with my mom and then our trip back East. I've been craving the practices I used to have time for before Cowgirl, but I am trying to see this as a time to be more creative in what are opportunities for growth and understanding. I am listening to the book Buddhism for Mothers and so far it is just what I needed to hear. Am also eagerly awaiting Momma Zen and a book about art journaling from Amazon. Yum Yum, Books!

I am grateful for having my mother here at last and for all of us to be in good health and able to fully enjoy this time together.

I am inspired by the wildly creative, supportive, generous and playful women who are a part of the Unravelling 365 group recently formed after the ecourse. We are committing to a year of self portraits, some doing one a day, others one a week. Each time I dip into the photo pool, I am blown away by the bravery, honesty and beauty of these talented women. I am so grateful for their words of encouragement and for the genuine care and acceptance they express in their comments. A grueling task, photographing yourself on a regular basis and I am glad to know I will have this pack of wild women with me for the journey.

Now, go decorate your space with some favorite things!


  1. I love our blog! So fun to read! I miss you like crazy and hope to soon be out of the school bubble. I miss Clara too and am looking forward to a play date and getting caught up! Have a great visit with your mom!

  2. ahh! that hands pic is a treasure! really very beautiful! xx