Tuesday, August 17, 2010

august 17

Rainy day ... time to paint:

"Whenever you allow yourself spontaneous and uncensored expression - whether through song, dance, music or any other creative outlet - you make contact with the inner spark that revitalized every part of you.
" (Painting from the Source by Aviva Gold)

Some art treats I have received in the mail this summer:

I have to agree with all of the t-shirts and mugs, "Life is Good."


  1. Painting your toenails is definitely creative expression! I love the colors of your painting--so happy! Yes, life is good. hugs, Gina

  2. That is wonderful that you are painting freely and enjoying what you are creating at the same time. I feel the radiance and vibrancy in your painting. :) Thank you so much for dropping by, and the thoughtful comments. Much love x - Ana

  3. Love that you are immersing yourself in the Big painting.. I start it in the next round.. and squam is literally right around the corner.. whoot

  4. Love the quote and I have to agree with all of those t-shirts and mugs, too - Life is good! :)

  5. You got one of my postcards!!! I got one of yours, too! I did the dragonfly one! Yeah! I agree! Those were a great treat to get in the mail!