Monday, August 30, 2010

august 30

And so another week begins ...

And one proud mommy moment: I had a new tin of watercolors that Cowgirl had begged me to give to her (she has already used up my previous "expensive" set). I just happened to be in Dick Blick's Art Supply store with a coupon (you know how it happens - the car seems to meander into the parking lot and there the store is and since I was already there and had a coupon, I had to go in ...) and I found a new set for myself. So I told her I had a surprise for her and she closed her eyes and held out her hands. I think "squealing with delight" best describes the reaction. Gotta say, I am a proud mama when my girl gets excited over paints.

cowgirl is in her "Rainbow" period

What are you proud of today?


  1. You are definitely doing SOMETHING right if your child gets excited over new paints. Today I am excited over....starting a new project, a year long project related to my milestone birthday coming up next week (stay tuned), AND kind of keeping quiet about it and cogitating it.

  2. I'm not surprised that Cowgirl is excited about paints....I would expect no less after the wonderful joint artwork you've done! I love to watch kids do artwork--they have such a direct approach.
    Today I'm proud that I managed to do lots of photography in August, shared it, and learn a lot!

  3. I love your photos, they are just exquisite and so full of joy and beauty and life. I hope you're also proud of your picture taking skills.

    Me? I blogged ( my home grown onions, yesterday, so, yes, I'm proud of those.


  4. And a very lovely Rainbow Period it is too!

    Me, truthfully, I am proud of how the house looks! I have been cleaning like a crazed woman for the last week in anticipation of a visitor from overseas! There are odd moments when you wouldn't even know I have a large hairy dog!

    It's lovely to see your 'Four Years Ago' photos of Cowgirl joining the family. She looks very happy and contented to be joining you even then.


  5. what a wonderful blog ... my daughter loves to draw and paint too ... found you on the August break list ... and so glad I did!