Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Camp (Say Less, Create More! & August Break)

visit Susannah Conway for details and a list of participants

Looks like all the campers are settled in with trunks unpacked and cameras ready for Susannah's August Break blogger camp. I am setting the intention for myself that this month be a time when I say less and create more. So while I may (note the use of the word may) be writing less, that does not mean I will not be sharing the fruits of my creative retreat with you here. In fact, Wednesday's post has a little treat I had a lot of fun creating, so be sure to check back. Do feel free to leave just a smiley face, heart or hi and let me know how you are enjoying the second half of the summer.

So here is my impression from day one at camp:

There is no secret ingredient,
you don't have to [add anything],
to make something special
you just have to believe it's special.

(A little wisdom from Kung Fu Panda ... Cowgirl was with me at work today and I was treated to multiple listenings.)

There is still room at camp ... want to join me? I would consider swapping bunks for a little chocolate.


  1. Happy picture! :) hugs to you!! Gina

  2. I was thinking about doing the August break, but I've already committed to doing 100 creative projects in 100 days (August being the middle of my 100 days) and Daily August Challenge with Rosa Murillo and Robayre. It wouldn't be much of a break if I also added a photo challenge. Maybe another month.

  3. Yes-ser-re, been bikeriding on the board walk, eating lots of fresh organic veggies out of the garden (which BTW my plants are getting buggy and funky from a long hot spell and then crazy rain), reading and making art. :o)

  4. Dear Lis-first of-I think it is so amazing what you have done to raise money for these little girls. Their hearts will thank you always-it is such an atrocity the way girls are treated in these orphanages.
    I think it's so great that you are taking an August break-it sounds like such a good idea! Brilliant in fact! About that book Women, Food and God...I think you will really enjoy it as it combines a spiritual approach. Oprah almost fell off her seat talking about this book so I though "well, if this book excites Oprah this much-there must be something to it!!) amd ...I was right. What I am learning more and more each day is that all my neurotic tendencies...I will pass down to Tara if I don't resolve them. So while I have never really had an issue with food per se (or so I though)...I have had body image issues. Whereas I always wanted to be thinner than what I am (a VERY N. American ideal) even though I have never been overweight.So I highly recommend this book. Also-how do you manage the whole sugar issue with your daughter? I think the amount of sugar that N. Americans eat is craziness. I can only control things for so long but what about when she goes to school etc. I don't want Tara to think it's normal to consume a gajillion grams of carbs per sitting. Anyways-too many questions. I hope you have a great break...will pop back soon. xxx