Thursday, August 26, 2010

august 26 - still sewing

Not that I would invite anyone to take too close of a look ...

Three projects completed - phew! Double-sided napkins (i hope they will hold up to multiple washings), a tote bag and a draw string gift bag which was a real challenge as my 1962 Singer rocketeer does not have a sleeve arm which means very very carefully sewing around the opening of the pouch (for the draw string) and not sewing the bag together. (Never mind straight rows; I've abandoned any notion of sewing straight!)

So pleased by my progress I took a leap of faith and order a dress kit for Cowgirl. (Thanks Soraya for the suggestion!) Let's home when the descriptions says beginner, it really means remedial beginner!

I just can't resist all the cute fabrics available. My next project is a supplies roll-up for my paint brushes. Come on, don't you want to join me? You sew for me, I'll sew for you? And then we'll drink wine and wipe our mouths on handmade double-sided rick-rack napkins.

Très chic!


  1. OOOh yay! I adore those! And I am SO in on the paintbrush holder. After I get my Tribe online homework finished. And the Sketchbook project at least started. And actually watch the next FireStarter video. And....well, it may be a bit.

    But I am SO in. ;)

  2. So cool! I'm in a "collecting fabric" stage as my machine is ~broken~ Hopefully, a new machine is in my near future and I will most definitely join you! :)

  3. Now that you're hooked on one more thing, might I remind you of this blog where you will find many more blogs about sewing.
    She has a cute little dress in her latest post and she happens to have two adorable little girls she writes about sometimes, too. I actually met her in China (a person in our group introduced us) while they were there to meet their youngest daughter.

    Love the color combinations!

  4. What lovely sewing projects! My swewing machine is buried right now but mygoal eventually is to work on a crazy quilt. I have been collecting materials for ages.
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my dreamboard. I will have to catchup on all the posts I missed of yours. I only had access a couple of times while away. Made me realize just how much time I was on the computer! I am going to cut back.
    take care.

  5. ~l♥♥♥ve especially your double sided cloth napkins...mine are on there last leg and you have filled me with some good inspiration to try my hand at making my own!! the materials are adorably sweet...and your cowgirl precious as ever! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. I love those DIY patterns. Maybe I'll try one for Nora someday! Thanks for the link :). It might be too big a project considering I don't know how to thread my sewing machine yet, lol.