Tuesday, August 24, 2010

august 24

in addition to fairies, gnomes, and wizard dogs, we have mermaids here:



  1. ~she is a beautiful mermaid! great picture...and belated birthday blessings to yours...may she be blessed with an abundance of joy and laughter...memories made and grand moments experienced! happy birthday dear little one...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. There is something special about B&W photos....this one is great! Cowgirl has a wonderful smile!

    BTW, did you hear about Scott Simon's new book about his adopted daughters from China? Sounded interesting.

  3. What a beautiful mermaid you have, this is gorgeous! Thank you so much for all your lovely messages, I've missed you also. You asked about the lens I have been using, it is just the standard sony lens 18-55mm that came with the camera. I am most pleased with it. Oh Lis, how I wish we lived closer, the conversations we would have :)

  4. TOO DARLING FOR WORDS!! What an amazing moment...captured forever. Thanks for sharing.