Wednesday, August 25, 2010

august 25 - cheers!

I'm back on the Green smoothie bandwagon. Back in January I managed to last 21 days on a semi-raw diet and I never felt better. (It was part of the Radiant Goddess course, a phenomenal program if you are looking for a little kick start to healthier, happier living.) Why do I so easily abandon those habits that not only are good for me, but which make me feel so, well, radiant?

After visiting one of my favorite sites for healthy recipes ( I saw mention of a 30 day green smoothie challenge and always one to take on a challenge, I decided I would start my own. I am happy to report, I am on day 5 of my Green smoothie or juice challenge. My favorite combo (courtesy of goddess Leonie) is this recipe: rice or soy milk, a heaping handful of mixed berries, 1 banana, a handful spinach, splash of maple syrup or agave nectar and a spoonful of Maca powder (power food of the Incans although what did happen to them?) Blend until smooth and enjoy yumminess in a tall glass!

I also like to make mango smoothies for Cowgirl and myself at breakfast: frozen mango (in bulk from Sam's Club), banana, almond milk, and a splash of oj for sunshine in a glass. I also am juicing and a favorite is apple, kale, lime and carrot.

I hope to keep going for the next three weeks at which time I will be interrupting my challenge to attend SAW (Squam Art Workshops)! I planned this trip back in February and cannot believe it is just around the corner. I am excited but nervous. My morning flight reservation got canceled and now I don't get in until 5 pm and still have to drive and hour and a half to the retreat, probably missing dinner but hopefully not getting lost and finding my way to opening ceremonies. I always get anxious before travel; I wish I were one of those people able to travel light but I tend to over pack, fearing I might need something and be stuck suffering without it. I also have this crazy fear about going into new groups, anticipating I will be the odd woman out and left alone Saturday night with no one to go out with me for dinner. Does anyone else feel this way? How do you prepare for travel? How do you weed down what is essential and pack just that? (And if you will be attending SAW next month, will you look for me and be sure to give me a hug?)

So share with me your thoughts and/or favorite green smoothie recipes. Want to join me on a 21 day smoothie challenge?

Oh, and please visit Unraveling Together where my favorite mermaid shot has been posted. And be sure to check out all the amazing photographs of some of my favorite people.



  1. There's a juice fast that I do every so often that I love, so I am intrigued by the Radiant Goddess course.

    I totally get the creepy crawly's when I go to group things by myself, afraid I will be a loner. And it usually never turns out that way! In fact, when I do go places alone, it tends to make me completely open and available to people I never would have met if I had not been alone.

    That's great you are going to SQUAM! Is Marisa from Creative Thursday going to be there? Please post about your experiences there! I would love to hear how it goes!

    And I will be thinking of you! I think you are going to be the odd woman IN! (uh, I that came out a little funny, but you know what I mean!) hehe


  2. i hear you.... I have been doing south beach diet, it makes me feel so great, but so often I end up eating carbs that bring me down. so silly that we do what we should not do over and over. that seems to be the eternal human struggle.
    thanks for the blog visit, it is nice to be back in touch!

  3. Dear Lis-Your smoothies sound so amazing...I LOVE almond milk/soy milk, berries...yummy. Green tea is so healthy but I have to admit...I don't like the taste of it! That is so awesome... you are going on a retreat. I think that it will be an amzing experience...and you will be transformed by all the new people you meet and all the things you learn; a jumpstart on creativity! I read your posts below and LOVE LOVE LOVE Cowgirl as Mermaid! She is such a vibrant and shining spirit Lis. It attests to you and your husban's parenting. I also loved the Family Day pics...what a brilliant idea! You have inspired me. And the video of baby Cowgirl...I imagine it must of been a really difficult process for all of you-especially her. THe change of cultures, language, just, and yes, there are no manuals! I really enjoyed reading your Simple Things list...yes, capturing a picture just so is a gift! And the 2 pumpkins you found...and snuggles with Cowgirl...there are so many things to be garteful for. I love your sewing BTW..I admire your courage to try all these new things. I came across a shop on Etsy that I think you will's called Littlefishinabigpond It has the MOST amazing dress kits for little girls; from what I can figure out, the pieces are pre-cut and you sew them together. The fabrics are super darling and so reasonably priced (they are having a sale on right now)...they would look darling on Cowgirl and be fun for you to try. I would attempt it but am hopeless at sewing:) Enjoy your retreat and don't worry about meeting someone to hang out with. You are such an open spirit...the Universe will send you just the right people!

  4. I was making smoothies for most of July and then stopped, I don't know why. They are so delicious and full of good nutrition--I always throw in some kale and flax seeds. I gotta start making them again.

    I'm pretty shy in new groups too, and scope things out before I start taking the initiative. You will be fine--you have so much wisdom and insight to share. Travel light, smile at new faces, and have fun!

  5. Lis, I love the blue in this shot :) I, like you, am a bit of a worrier when it comes to travel, but just think of the amazing time you will have when you are there! I sooooo wish I could attend SAW with you, but at least I know that you will share your adventures with me :) Just saw your journal page for the Sketchbook Project - what theme did you choose? I chose 'A day in the life'...haven't quite managed to make a start yet but am really looking forward to the challenge.
    Lots of love, Milena