Saturday, October 22, 2011

archive edition ... reoccuring thoughts ... joy warrior tips

I am a bit of a crazy quilt these days ... random ideas and actions stitched together haphazardly but I think I come together in some fashion. So I had a huge A-HA! moment while listening to Lucy Pearce on goddess leonie's Worlds Biggest Summit because I discovered my archetype: the Rainbow Woman. And guess what her shadow is? Yuppers - the Crazy Woman. Frankly the honest assessment is I suffer from creative bipolar disorder. The key is understanding the cycles and managing them.

Usually I am pretty good at that balance. My recent funky funk was a perfect cocktail of coming down off of the high (I visualize myself on a rollercoater: the highs are me with my arms in the air screaming "Weeeee!" The lows are me back in line wondering if I really want to bother with the wait, never mind climbing back into the car), hormones and seasonal change.

Actually, a big part of my mood was brought on by some necessary decluttering and a fear for Cowgirl decades in the future sorting through the boxes and bins of my art journals, painting, sketchbook, etc. Will she be drawn to excavate these artifacts, eager to unearth clues bearing witness to the full identity of her mother? Or will she think "Hoarders: the art edition"?

Having moved my mother cross country, these are the things that worry me. (My mother's home was a treasure-trove of 60s and 70s memorabilia some of which I saved, much that had to be tossed.)

And speaking of clutter ... I am hopeless when it comes to organizing the bazillions of image files stashed away on my computer and backup drive. One project eating at me is to collect my poetry with accompanying photographs into a single location: a book. No small task as I am a human squirrel with my nuts buried in hundreds of virtual nooks and crannies. (Except the squirrel remembers where it buries its treasure which I guess makes me a creative rodent with amnesia.) So here is my testimonial for Flickr as thank god I've uploaded and occasionally used tags as that is the only way I can find anything. (I find the image in flickr and then from the date can locate the original on my computer. Yes, I am a librarian by trade, but a reluctant one hence my refusal to follow consistent standards!)

vintage me - my mommy face - circa spring, 2009

I guess part of the fun of my organized disorder is to stumble across things I'd completely forgotten. And to discover the reoccurring themes in my life. So pulling myself out of my funk this week involved music and nurturing myself through small acts of joy (yes, Joy Warrior behavior is a must for a Rainbow Crazy Woman.) Then I found these videos, made for the second Unraveling course - a year old but still relevant:

Ewan by the lovely Jane

And wow ... when I am feeling blue, who better to turn to?

Another project I am excited about is a handbook for Joy Warriors. I know the above tips will be included for the section on care and nurture of the Joy Warrior spirit. As is this advice, always timely, from the Universe:

When you look into the mirror, Lisa, do you look for what you love most?
Do you look for me?

Do you smile?

Did you just ask, "Is there any other reason to look into a mirror?"

- The Universe

p.s. Please tell your friends, Lisa, to never look into a mirror without smiling!

And for the record: I am proud she loves my paintings but more importantly, that she loves her own. Oh yeah, really, really, really stoked about that one! (okay, and I am thinking my own concept of "a little Ewan for my day" is also pretty brilliant.)


  1. A handbook for Joy Warriors! I love this idea!!

  2. I LOVE Ewan...YUM...wouldn't that turn anyone's day around...hell yeah...creative bipolar...oh sister we are soo well met!!! I love you!!! And I ADORE that she loves your paintings and hers..oh I love you both!!! xoxoxox

  3. ditto on the handbook for joy warriors! yay! can't wait!!

  4. Yeah!The official Joy Warriors handbook is in the works!SO excited!! And of course I am a poetryaholic & would love to have an autographed copy of your poems & images in my hot little hands :)
    Love the videos, Rainbow Woman!

  5. A little ewan in my day would go a long way here too! I write these little universal notes to self also.. xo

    If you do your book I'll do mine ;-)

  6. Joy Warrior Tips - YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I'd scream it out loud if I weren't at a cubicle :) YES!!!!!!!!! there, I typed it again to try to get the effect :) Pure brilliance. I cheer and salute you :)


  7. So excited you're making a joy warrior handbook!!