Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my new year of POSSIBILITIES


That's my word/intention for 2013: possibilities.  Say it out loud ... it bubbles out of the mouth like water spilling over river rocks.  I love how the concept of possibilities conjures up a sense of spaciousness, a feeling of the magical, a suggestion of adventures and journeys.  

This is my fourth year selecting a word for the year and utilizing it as an intention or touchstone of remembrance and commitment for mindfulness in my daily life.  I have played with Fearless, attempted to Shine and this past year sought Clarity in myself and my life.  

With Clarity, I found myself remembering it whenever I felt overwhelmed, confused, lost or at odds.  It allowed me a pause in the tumble of life to re-set my course or re-adjust my attitude.  What can I gain from this experience?  What lessons are present in this encounter?  How can I take what is happening in the present and allow it to deepen my understanding about myself, my priorities, my values and my beliefs?

I tested Clarity in many ways this past year, particularly in the arena of relationships.  In attempting to stay truthful and honest to myself, I stepped on some toes.  I responded without thinking (usually responding from a deep seated place of fear or insecurity) and then had to follow through on some commitments that weren't the best fit for me but which forced me to grow and from that perspective, have clarity about what is best for me and my family.

Next to Clarity, Possibilities feels downright playful and relaxed and I am excited to think of the year ahead full of such qualities.  


Over the holiday break, an old friend was in town and we caught up on two years worth of changes.  The major shift for my friend being a long-term relationship after many years on the dating scene.  What he told me is one way I want to embrace possibilities in the year ahead.  He said "When I became the man of my dreams rather than looking for him out there, then he appeared in my life."

Becoming the dream that we seek - isn't that a ripe and yummy thought?  This is the time for me to draw upon my own resources, to cease casting my line in other waters and buckle down to the work that waits within me.  Writing, painting, crafting, but also playing.  Deepening connection with those who inspire and challenge me to imagine new possibilities, new ways to embrace a creative, fulfilling,  and nourishing life.  I spent much of the break writing letters and cards, returning to a more personal way of connecting.  I want to go deeper; I am tired of skimming the surface of so much stuff - not that it isn't a useful practice, but there comes a time to plunge inward. 

Like finding yourself with lots of limes and deciding to zest the hell of them and make key lime pie.  (Okay, so I didn't make the pie, but I documented and ate it!)


So you will find me here and there but more quiet than usual in the online forums.  I'm choosing to plant my words in richer soil; to allow space and time for those words and hopefully discussions to take root and flourish into new ideas, new perspectives and more vibrant and sustaining community.  I hope you will join me.  Grab a cup of tea, settle in and allow your words, your thoughts to steep until mellow and ready to share.  


May the coming year find us all cuddled in the embrace of many warm and loving possibilities.  xo


  1. omg i just LOVE that last photo!!

    oh, these words are sweet manna for my soul....yes, deepening, enriching, sinking into and rising up to all the beautiful, infinite, possibilities!

    i'm positively dribbling!

    oh, and letters!! yes, yes, YES! i foresee this being an integral part of what comes next...connection in Real that grows and flourishes rather than flash-in-the-pan, here-for-the-six-week-class-duration....oh, i do crave that...

    listen for me at the back door of your cottage...i'm all out of tea....


  2. You are a bubbling, babbling brook of possibilities and realities. Yes to diving deeper, holding silence until feeling the truth in your words. There is a quote of Fabeku Fatunmise that I love and am reminded of from this post, "It is not your job to make other people comfortable with who you are". Happy new year, Lis, and I look forward to delving deep with you.

  3. you are so right about your word, possibilities - it does seem to come out of my mouth as bubbles, each containing so many options for life to come. i have not felt like my real self ever, as if she is a person standing next to me but certainly not in me. your friend's observation is exactly what i must do in order to be who i am meant to.

  4. possibilities!
    it makes me feel very excited and bubbly inside!
    blessing to you Liz, as you journey with this word

    I love how you challenged clarity
    to often we don't put out mantras to the test...really push against it, thus pushing against ourselves
    such a great way to stretch and grow

    blessings to you in 2013
    would you email me your mailing address?
    I would love to pop a little something for you in the

    love and light

  5. and may 2013 be FULL of possibilities and creative abundance for you, my friend. many blessings xx s

  6. ~to the possibilities that are waiting eagerly yet patiently for you...may you be blessed in the days ahead with moments that fill your spirit with quietness and ease...yet in turn take you down road you thought once impossible...

    "I'm choosing to plant my words in richer soil;"

    tending to your heart and mind...i love this phrase...bright new year wishes and blessings~