Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Shot Monday - Playtime

All around me are reminders that now is the time to play. Summer is naturally a play season, but I am also seeing so many changes occurring in the lives of family and friends and I am reminded to take time now to grab some fun because, well, you just never know what may happen next.

We've been having fun at home making art, going to the pool, taking walks with the dog and visiting with good friends. Cowgirl and I are still missing our friends from our Colorado vacation, so in their honor I offer a few more images to show just how much fun we had. My only regret? Why didn't I wear a swimsuit and join in on the fun? Look at all the adults crowded around the edges ... you just know we all wanted to join in. Next time, you'll see me in my wild paisley printed mama skirted big butt bathing suit. Promise!

So share with me: how will you play today? Let's inspire the adult world to get with the program.


  1. How fun!!! I love this. I hope I play next time, too!

  2. I love the image of you in the fountain with the girls. Could we somehow photoshop that into place until you have a chance to really do it? Or maybe you could just sneak a trip back out here :) My idea of fun would be to have some wine and watch Mamma Mia on the sing along version. (Can't/won't sing without wine. . .yet)


  3. That is so true--the mood would be brighter all around if the adults on the periphery were partaking in the fun :)

    We laughed and played outside tonite---some friends came by from out of town and we had a nice visit---very lovely. Kids ate blueberries, cheese and crackers and yogurt.

    Peace to you sweet lady

  4. i was just reflecting so similarly this morning. how consumed i've been over the rocket ship i'm on, that i feel less free inside to just play.
    thanks for the reminder. love seeing your little girl in the boulder fountains--i'm in boulder right now! lived here for 5 years before returning to CA in 05. still our other home and we spend a few weeks here each summer.
    much love.

  5. I wish there was a water park like that near to us...sigh. Nice shots!

  6. That really does look like fun. You are so right, us adults need to get in on the summer fun sometime. I recently threw on my skirted mama suit and jumped in the little back yard kiddy pool and had a blast with my boys.

  7. It does look like fun - I think jumping in would've made your day even better. Remember your suit next time!