Monday, August 13, 2012

dinosaur catchers (august break)

Archway of trees welcoming us over and over as we journeyed through birdsong and time

Did you hear?  The dinosaurs have returned to Nebraska!

My diminutive paleontologist lecturing me breathless as she runs ahead to find a stream and there we become engineers rerouting water, plugging up an errant side channel, intent upon creating a large pool at the bottom where the water is recycled back to the start ... life lessons really about the value of one small rock, placed just so, can shift the entire flow from slow and halting, to smooth, steady, forceful.

This was our weekend journeying back in time and nature.




 Summer, my pebble and I are going to miss you. 



  1. sounds like a perfect summer day!

  2. Loved the dinosaur time. You two do have the best of fun.

  3. I love these beautiful:) My seven year old goes back and forth with his love affair with is currently "on." Looks like a lovely day:)