Tuesday, August 28, 2012

our life in motion (august break)

It has been back-to-school madness over here.  Cowgirl started second grade - what?!  

wearing her dog shark t-shirt - a girl has to make the proper first impression


And we grown-ups returned to work at our respective Universities which means life back on the road and stuck morning in traffic.  Little time to linger as we all hit our routines hard. And how are we holding up?


"I'm NOT tired!"

We did manage to pull ourselves together, mustering the energy to celebrate our six year family anniversary -

Six years into the reign of Cowgirl and we can honestly say, life with a benevolent tyrant is pretty sweet. (Note: this year I did NOT include a view of our anniversary cake which was a first attempt by myself and Cowgirl to make a sickening yummy strawberry jello cake. In attempt to cover up the ever-widening San Andreas Fault line through the middle, we spackled it with frosting and then Cowgirl tarted it up with every color of sprinkles we had on hand. I know, you really wish I had documented it.  Alas, opportunity lost ...)

Another August has trickled through our fingers but we are hanging on to the bitter end, squeezing in as many final trips to the pool as we can possibly manage.



Meanwhile, I have been busy with much plotting, planning, tinkering and navel gazing which may or may not manifest into something visible.  Most certainly a deepening and an internal mellowing is occurring.  


Or perhaps I am just learning to finally relax?  Absorbing some much needed wisdom - and guidance -  from a master.   

Ah August, how we have enjoyed you! (but good things are coming, oh yes, they are coming!)


  1. you are good things Lis... that pic of you and cowgirl in the pool brings the happy!!!

  2. this post warmed my heart and put a smile on my face
    thanks you

    love and light

  3. oh, happy six year family anniversary!

    i love these shots and musings on your days...

  4. Happy 2nd grade!! And happy blessed family anniversary! Fabulous family photos. So much dynamic connection.
    Trying to get back into the swing of blogging things. Have missed YOU madly-

  5. the love that radiates from these photos is beautiful...happy end of summer, happy 6th, happy secondo classe!

  6. I always seem to feel calmer when I visit you. Thank you for such a calm and wonderful post.