Thursday, August 2, 2012

dream traveler (August Break)


Who do you become
when the streetlight switches on
and the sun slips below the screen of wheat and corn?

Does Jade Rabbit’s smile
beaming across the night sky
ignite your dragon’s blood?

Do you join the mermaids
swimming upon white percale

or do you grab your sword,
a ninja clamoring over
cedar shingle roof tops?

You abandon yourself to a sleep
deep and dark,
on journeys I cannot follow -

When the monsters come
as they always do,
whose hand do you reach for?

Whose eyes do you seek for confirmation
you are you,
safe and whole?

In what language do you hear the words
Mommy’s here … you’re alright …

(written for Poem It Out  with Liz Lamoreux - a juicy course and we're only on day three! There's still time to join if you want to come play with me! This month I am also participating in the third annual August Break.  Info is here if you want to join in on the fun.)


  1. much. and yes, our broomsticks are apparently thrumming on the same moonbeam....;)

    was very tempted on the P.I.O but......resisted the urge.


  2. like mel, i had to resist the urge to comment on this in PIO.
    so tender...

  3. Wonderful! Visiting from August Break.