Friday, August 17, 2012

tiny smiles (august break)


Some days are just hard and even though I try to align with the positive, the muck still splatters on the hem of my emotions.

On these days, the very best thing I can do is keep moving forward.  Pick  up the brush, the pen or pencil, grab the journal, write a letter, put on some music ... 

" If you look for anything in this world, find things that draw you into the greater Love ..."  (Wah! Ma Chant/Kali)

A new practice that is sustaining me is writing Poem Notes (Liz Lamoreux).  Snatches of words, phrases that may eventually become something else or rest whole, as they are.  

i confess, i do wonder
why god seemingly refuses to meet me?
stormy days of the soul and grocery shopping
i live a monologue

and so i wander downstairs to find this pen and pose this question
just as Moose shuffles his shaggy self
over to greet me.  

Yes, some days start off dark, but then bursts of sunlight - love in motion - come in through an unexpected letter, an unanticipated gift,

and tiny smiles sent by a distant, but dear friend. (thank you Jeannie ... once again, you remind me that love is buoyant and durable.)

It is that simple, that hard.  Wipe my eyes, shake off the funk, perceive life with the eyes of my heart and then, yes ... 

All of you - yes, I'm talking to YOU too! - thank you, thank you, thank you.  You lift me up even when you have no idea that is what you are doing.  xoxo


  1. here's to bursts of sunlight and finding the things that draw us into the greater Love...

  2. I learned this week that all of the funk, the bristled skin and hardships seem to draw me closer to love, closer to grace, closer to love in it's fullest. And what a gift to have a friend so very connected to all of the cracks and crevices in our hearts and know exactly how to fill them. XO

  3. sending beams of sunshine your way from over here, lis. may it remind you of the connections you have made all over the world. here's to letting in light... xx