Thursday, August 23, 2012

the words we need (poem-it-out)


What you need to hear
is that you are so very wanted.

and have always been

You have forgotten
arms were eager to receive you.

Hope followed by loss followed by
cotton dresses
dandelion crowns
a single silver charm
inscribed with the date
of you,

Even though those arms
uncircled and hands let go -

New hands
tiny starfish hands,
sticky with rice and sweat and juice of summer hands,
reached out across oceans and plains and oxen plowed fields
to find you
to pull you deeper in.

What you need to remember -
slip into your pocket to find on a day
of idle hands -
is the promise of a future
sea of hands rising up,
a universe of blessings waving at you
ready to greet you,
squeezing your hand in recognition
as if to say:
“We have waited a long time for you …
We are so very happy to have you
here, finally
among us.” 

(poem inspired by prompt in Poem-It-Out new course listed! images inspired by life.)




  1. you...your words...everything -- take my breath away. you make me want to be a better person.

    true story.

    love, love...xoxox

  2. beautiful. i am smoothly sailing into a weekend on your words.

  3. That was perfect, priceless, powerful and did I say perfect???

  4. Simply beautiful Lis. Full of heart and tenderness and gentleness. So very you xxx

  5. beautiful, so very beautiful, lis.

    {p.s. cowgirl has the same sheets as my little second grade girl!!!}