Thursday, August 9, 2012

poeming (august break)

the juxtaposition of this $5 plastic basket of figs
bundled in a canvas tote
nestled securely within the passenger's seat of my car
and the man standing firmly upon the narrow sliver of roadway island
on this 93 degree August day
a cardboard placard held towards me while
his gaze discreetly avoids
the sun and my shame. 

poem and photograph inspired by Poem It Out with Liz Lamoreux 
("We will face the blank page and say, “Bring it” and write the words that are ready to burst out of us. We will stop everything to Poem It Out." - Exactly!)


  1. the pause this gives me...
    {great word}

  2. oooh.

    ouch. and yes.

    we are being challenged, my it seems. but our hearts are full and are eyes are open...


  3. What a beautiful photo and powerful poem. Boy, do I know that place...

    Can't wait to see you next month!!