Friday, August 31, 2012

spontaneous moments (poem it out)

My to-do list could plausibly read
“build backyard pyramid”

I am that out of control,
as I attempt order and control

all the while furiously declaring
“Spontaneity will be mine!”

There is what I want to do …
what I need to do …
and what you inspire in me …



Today I will toss the mail onto the towering pile,
walk over a floor more hairy than the dog,
sift through a mound of laundry to retrieve
our two swimsuits.

There is no list expansive enough to contain
the joy of watching your Kool-Aid orange crocs
dance across the pavement,
the diving board soar,
cool water splash,
and the bloom of your smile
floating in all that turquoise freedom. 

It has been an amazing month.  Thank you Liz Lamoreux for the inspiration and The August Break for the excuse to indulge myself completely.  


  1. It's good to know that I am in good company with the towering pile of mail (many bills I'm avoiding, I'm afraid) and a floor more hairy than my own dog. We are going to squeeze every minute into this long weekend until it is full on and juicy!

  2. P.S. 60 pages left to go in CPE's Women Who Run with the Wolves. But of course, I will never really be finished with it.

  3. beautiful and inspiring!

    love and light

  4. Always enjoy your poetry, Lis! "floating in all that turquoise freedom" is a line to be reckoned with. . .
    Happy weekend!